November 24-30

My activities so far have been alright. I am returning to most of my activities except for hiking and dance (which I will be writing AEFs for). I am quitting dance because I have enough creativity hours for now and with basketball I will be having many action hours. Also, we will be mostly going to city hikes during winter, and I personally do not find those very interesting.

In dance and hiking I have generally achieved my goals (in hiking more thand in dance). My leg muscle endurance improved at each hike and I learned to be more organized in the mornings. I avoided coming late to each hike and that was an achievement for me. In dance lessons, I finally learned the quick step and jive routines and imroved my samba moves.

I have had some problems with my organization in STUCO so I will really have to work on that. Since we had problems with finding chaperones for the dance night, we lost the administration’s trust. We will be making a fundraiser competition which will hopefully be successful. I would like this event to help STUCO obtain its position in school. For candyshop not much was done, everything seems to be running smoothly and I am looking forward to more active participation in the next few months.

Tech support is going really well. I was assigned to be stage manager for the play so I have many responsibilities. I will need to keep track of all the props and make sure we have them. However, it creates a problem for STUCO, because I will have to give up STUCO meetings for the play. Because we are planning quite a few things before winter break, I really don’t want to miss meetings and instead speed things up. 

We haven’t had MUN in a while so for now I don’t have many goals for it. I am looking forward to participating in the organization of the 6-8 MUN after winter break.

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